Motruth stands out as a prominent hip-hop artist, creating waves worldwide and earning admiration from both the younger and older generations. Born and raised in Jasper, Texas, Motruth began performing and recording music in the late 90’s. After teaming up with Michael Wallace, the duo started a group and performed under the stage name, “Soldiers of God.” Motruth decided to embark on a solo journey, departing from the group after six years. He is now delving into a solo career, bringing new content and going into a new musical direction.

Motruth finds purpose and vision in his mission to serve God. This experience led to his self-branding as “Motruth” (MINISTER OF TRUTH), reflecting his commitment to delivering a message that resonates with people. His style of music inspires generations making a profound impact on today’s musical world.




Motruth Is A Christian
Hip-Hop Artist

In early 2007, Motruth teamed up with the group “B.O.N.D.E.D,” a Pittsburgh-based Gospel Hip Hop group was formed from that union. Several years later, Motruth parted ways with B.O.N.D.E.D. to seek other opportunities. In 2013, Motruth was elevated to the position of President of E.M.G. (Escape Music Group) and Vice President of the Ciy DJ Party (Christ in You). There, he mentored artists, ages 13+. In 2014 Motruth was ordained as associate pastor under the covering of Market Place Global Ministries, which he currently serves as a leader in the ministry.

Motruth tours throughout the states and other countries speaking and performing, but always puts aside time to become active with local organizations that benefit education, anti-violence, etc.

Motruth is a Hip-Hop artist under LBMRecords. Motruth also performed on CTV Cornerstone Television and other local TV shows. His music is currently being played on one of Pittsburgh, PA’s number one radio stations WAMO 107.3 FM.

Motruth Core Brand Values: Romans 9:1 “I say the truth in Christ, I lie not, my conscience also bearing me witness in the Holy Ghost!”